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Like a sexy ass, god like, with a nice ass having truck!fetus Jimin or sexy Jimin. He's bae either way

Jungkook man...

I can't see what they're talking about<<<oppa's wink wonk lets go to bed early stare^^^DAMN SON


he is actually the smallest mochi and if you disagree then you are wrong // he's so adorable

Look at that legs wide spread in the air! Are those even legs?

Here I am realising those 'me at memes were actually of Park-fucking-Jimin

The struggles with bangtan love is real

The struggles with bangtan love is real

V ♡

4 types of Kim Taehyung on stage The Cute Taehyung, The Cool Taehyung, The Sexy Taehyung , The I dunno who possessed him' Taehyung

there's no way this was accidental... bighit/ bangtan stylists are trying to kill us

what bitches?have been keeping secrets?fucking make?my heart violently combust?why u doin me dirty like this?