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7 day challenge -no soda -no bread -no red meat -no alcohol -no pasta -no sweets -citrus fruit daily water daily exercise daily this looks hard. I don't drink soda or alcohol meat would be hard and sweets!


A no fuss workout to do before bed so you can rest right after. Change it to suit you. Not intense. As long as you do this most nights you should be well on your way to a flat stomach! (Burn Fat Before Bed)

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Belly fat is a common problem that most of us face. Here are a few fat burning foods that will add to your fitness regime and make it easier to burn fat.

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Everybody wants to loss weight as early as possible as it has very bad impression on their personality.Today i will give you a days challenge workout”, and after 15 days you will have slim, lean and fit body and about 10 kg of your fat around belly wi

4 Week Home Workout Plan | Posted by: AdvancedWeightLossTips.com

This mini-plan for both men and women can help you lose weight and gain muscle mass. You don’t need to visit the gym nor use any special equipment. - Tap the pin if you love super heroes too! Cause guess what? you will LOVE these super hero fitness shirts

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6 week running program to tone and lose 10 pounds. Get Toned in 10 Minutes 10 Weight Loss Commandments 1 Thing to lose 10 pounds in a week.

Here are 25 simple pointers on a weekly diet plan to lose weight: ...

How To Lose Weight In A Week - 23 Simple Tips