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Heroes and Villains - Created by Justin Hillgrove Part of the Anniversary Art Show at limited edition prints available here.

The Descent by *weremole on deviantART

The Descent by *weremole. I've FINNALY reached 1000 Pins in my NINTENDO Board, thus proving my love of nintendo is great.

Minimalistic comic faces. Most of these I don't know, but It's cool.

Quel héros de Comics es tu ?

Mario Temporary Tattoo - Game Over

Game Over Temporary Tattoo Set

A Temporary Tattoo Series for Hardcore Gamers This set of skull parody Temporary Tattoos features a great mix of all your favorite iconic video game characters. No 1 Up's or extra lives for these char

The Evolution of Video Game Graphics Los juegos viejos eran igual de osom aunque uno jugará con cubos xD

The evolution of Video game graphics: This is truly beautiful. To see how far video games have gone, and their progression is breathtaking. but it's the story not the graphics that make the games memorable

If Disney characters were bad - Walt would be turning in his grave if he saw this

If Disney characters were bad.