Found this schweek piece of sci-fi art on this dud'es concept art page>>> Daren Horley

Daren Horley Concept Art in Sci-Fi & Space

Image of 'Marder XIII' Print

Still looking for inspiration this friday? Perhaps you should have a look at our second inspiration pick,Ian McQue, an artist currently working for Rocksta

D.S.E. - The Ramjet Flight by MarkusVogt on deviantART

d_s_e____the ramjet flight by

Avant d’admirer les superbes illustrations du Taïwanais Rettag, il convient de définir pour les néophytes ce qu’est un « mecha ». Pour le lecteur de mangas ou/et amateur d’…

Les mechas de Rettag

trydianth: “craeter: “Swallows by Rettag ” Woah, all lefty mecha ”

Tim White - Wandering Worlds

aviation assault fleet ships

Slawomir Maniak Sci-Fi and Fantasy Artist


EVE Online - spaceship size comparison Played Eve for a couple of hours and it always fascinated me. but i never was good enough or never had the endurance to get one of these fu.

Mining Schiff

artissimo: “ destiny colonyship by jesse van dijk Digital Art Masters: Volume 5 ”

The Antares from Defying Gravity (2009)

Near Future Spaceship - Antares

imthenic: “ PulpNintendo - The Bounty Hunter by Astor Alexander ” pulp samus poster movie