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The hospital in which this grandma is living her last few days allowed her cat in to visit her. Priceless.

The Woman: "My cat and me, this is where we like to be... Just sitting here, to watch and see." (Written By: © Lynn Chateau.)

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A dying man’s last wish: To see his dog

A dying man's last wish, to see his dog. Oh the love!

At the Peruvian Embassy: ‘Daphne: The Subtle Power of a Woman’s Eye’

Love is love

37 Pictures That Prove Cats Have Hearts Of Gold

Elderly grandmother broke her hip. Her cat Vincent visits her everyday and always ends up in her arms! Love is love <3

4 choses qui vous rendent belle et que le makeup ne pourra jamais remplacer !

On a tous le droit d'avoir des rêves...