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Figure. 1 The Photon 3D is a low cost, portable 3D scanner that is the ideal complement to a 3D printer.

Photon Scanner Photon - The world’s first, truly affordable scanner for anyone!

Designer Sebastian Bertram is expanding the amazing capabilities of 3D printing to large-scale 3D building, with a construction method that combines industrial production and the technique of rapid prototyping.    With this innovative building method, within

3D Print your own house (video

Print Homes International Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Print Houses for the World’s Homeless

Bee The First - A Portable 3D Printer

Bee The First - A Portable 3D Printer

Best Personal Desktop 3D Printers Reviewed

Yet another printer has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Over the past several months we have seen dozens of new printer manufacturers launch crowdfunding campaigns in order to raise funds for their new hardware.

Impresión 3D de metales preciosos - Impresoras3d.com

Cooksongold E-manufacturing provides an 'end-to-end' direct metal printing solution that's unique in the market today, supplying everything from software, printing machines to advanced metal powders and parts.

BigRep ONE, la impresora 3D FDM más grande hasta la fecha http://www.print3dworld.es/2014/02/bigrep-one-la-impresora-3d-fdm-mas-grande-hasta-la-fecha.html

BigRep ONE, a giant FDM printer that prints a table in one piece

Cheetah 3.1 3D Printer Now Available – 10Xs Faster, 10Xs Cheaper Than Other 3D Printers -  http://3dprint.com/43458/cheetah-3d-printer-fouche/

Hans Fouche has designed a new style of printer called the Cheetah that is capable of creating printed objects you would not normally be able to

Imagine 3D Printer $2,799.00     Dimensions:  Height: 15”  Width: 20”  Length: 14”  Weight: 25lbs    Connection to Computer:  Plugs into PC or other computers via a standard USB port.    Motors Specs:  Gear ratio: 61.66:1  Maximum Speed (output Shaft): 160 rpm  Rated Torque (continuous): 16.8 oz-in   Peak Torque (momentary): 50.3 oz-in  Encoder Counts per Revolution: 8385.577 #3dprinter

The Second Generation Imagine Printer

Impresora 3D 3DISON+ "Made in Korea" http://www.print3dworld.es/2013/09/impresora-3d-3dison-made-in-korea.html

ROKIT, a start-up in South Korea founded in launched in June an upgraded version PLUS" printer which features smooth printing and 50 micron resolution.

Win a Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer with @The Home Depot and ManMade! [sponsored partnership]

Giveaway: Win a Free Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer from The Home Depot ($1000+ value)

The 3Dison 3D Printer Series #3DPrinting

The 3Dison 3D Printer Series

3ders.org - Polish company launches BlackJet 3D printer: ‘the link between RepRap & professional printers’ | 3D Printer News & 3D Printing News

Polish company launches BlackJet printer: 'the link between RepRap & professional printers'