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There are few symbols in Zen Buddhism, and one of my favorite ones is the Enso. This simple shape--a circle--represents Zen Buddhism perfect.

This is an ensō circle.  The ensō is a circular symbol often referred to as “The Zen Circle“. The word itself simply translates to “circle” in Japanese; however, it embodies one of the defining aspects of Zen Buddhism, no-mind. A state of no-mind is where a person is free from thoughts and emotions while being completely present in the now. It is believed that while in this state of total presence, true creativity can arise.

A popular expression in Zen painting, enso is a Japanese word signifying a circle. While the word has no single, fixed meaning, the expressive, brush ink circle symbolizes a moment when the mind is free enough to simply let the body create.

Relação com as palavras conceitos: Dinamico e completo; Outros aspectos: Carpa, movimento e encaixe.

The beautiful symbol of the yin/yang duality, the perfect harmony of science and religion, light and dark.