Lee Miller | photo by Man Ray | vers 1929-32 | Centre Pompidou 20s 30s fashion dress blouse polka dots

Lee Miller

LeeMiller | LeeMiller (1907-1977) http://www.leemiller.co.uk/component/Main/17ToA3p1yfaBss9G2InA3w..a

Working on an article on the amazing Lee Miller for D, La Repubblica LeeMiller - 1817

Il boss mafioso Joe Masseria giace a terra colpito mortalmente in un ristorante di Brooklyn con in mano una carta con l'asso di spade.

Historical Times Underworld kingpin Joe “The Boss” Masseria lies on the floor clutching an ace of spades, after he was murdered while playing cards at a restaurant in Coney Island, April 1931 -

Eileen Agar (1899-1991) – Photograph of Lee Miller at Hotel Vaste Horizon, Mougins, France, Sep 1937

Eileen Agar ‘Photograph of Lee Miller at Hotel Vaste Horizon, Mougins, France’, Sep 1937 © Tate