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this is a pretty big file, so please be patient when it loads XD . i was inspired to do it after reading the article about rob liefeld: [link] enjoy! Drawing Manga Pages - Tutorial

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Inspiration: Hair & Expressions ----Manga Art Drawing Sketching Head Hairstyle---- [[[Batch# by omocha-san on deviantART]]]

Angles No bubble outline Use Bubbles like exclamation marks--sparingly. I added two examples from Tegami Bachi. Finding examples for bubbles where angles were applied for adversity is proving harde...

More on speech bubbles - Panel Layout Tutorial 09 of 10 by KinnoHitsuji on deviantART

Panel Layout Tutorial 04 of 10 by KinnoHitsuji

Forced Flow examples: Panel sizes change examples: Soft forced flow Examples are from Shiina Karuho-sensei of Kimi ni Todoke. The Forced flow Queen in general is Nakamura Yoshiki-sensei. She is a m.