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,,If you do it every easy, your life will be difficult. If you are doing what is difficult, your life will be easy." - Les Brown #pasja4life

"How we experience time is not necessarily a function of our choosing, a simple assertion of will. Our capacity to "seize the day" differs according to material resources as well as our abilities to negotiate how we use our time.

¿Por qué nunca terminas lo que empiezas? Deja de abandonar tus sueños y logra tus objetivos con un sencillo truco. Esto te ayudará a mantenerte enfocada. Incluye un imprimible para descargar.

¡Termina lo que empiezas! Un Truco Para Lograr Tus Objetivos

24 claves para mejorar tu carrera profesional

24 claves para mejorar tu carrera profesional--VERY applicable to teaching

Heartfelt Quotes: I can't make people like me.

Narcs and toxic people will destroy you if you stand in their way. Doesn't matter if you had been friends for decades. They choose to destroy you.

Q lindo

Never regret to meet different kind of people. Good people give you happiness. Bad people give lessons, and marvelous people give you memories.