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Vampire Knight ~ Yuki and Kaname. This was my first manga, and it scarred me.

The Night Class President (Kaname) and Vice President (Takuma)

The Night Class President (Kaname) and Vice President (Takuma)>>> I LOVE Ichijo

anime Vamp Kaname

Ok, I know this is Kaname Kuran from Vampire Knight, but I say this is Keith Johns from the Greycastle Chronicles, he's also a vampire, but not a kind guy.

Kaname and Yuki

Couvertures, images et illustrations de Vampire Knight, Tome 18 de Matsuri Hino

Kaneki Ken (edited by me/Prometheus) ^^ can I Have him? // I don't know who you are (the one who edited this) but God bless you! You're an awesome human being!

Kaname x Yuki | Anime Amino

Kaname Kuran//Vampire Knight// this manga sure is the one I love the most :')