Severus Snape; branded a coward but the bravest man.

HP Quote "Long ago, I had a teacher - A sallow-skinned Slytherin with long black hair. I hated him and he seemed to hate me, too. And though I branded him a coward, he was in fact, the bravest man I ever knew.

The cast having fun

The cast having fun

"Harry potter world . pictures that make you think differently about Harry Potter" << THE MOVIE! A couple of funny pictures of the cast will never make me think differently about the books.

Harry Potter Facts Part 7

Harry Potter Facts Part -Erm. Just realized half of 7 was cut off. It was about Nearly Headless Nick if you didn't catch on to that one. As you may have rea harry potter facts Part seven


SO FUNNY! They should make a harry potter movie of spongebob squarepants!

Harry Potter is one of my favorite movies. I think it's so popular because it's beyond of people's regular imagination. The concept of the movie is new and fresh to people so many get curious about it and want to watch it more.

Some cool alternative Harry Potter book cover art! Silhouettes are always a good idea!~~~ also could be tattoo ideas! Pick your favorite book.

The malfoys god damn. Still sexy.  I say that, then feel weird watching the first few movies... I mean the later ones weirdos :P.

What 10 Harry Potter Actors Said About Their Roles. I love Harry Potter actors.


Snape - Quote Silhouette -- by: GTRichardson RIP Alan Rickman

Twilight is riddikulus compared to Harry Potter!!! I'm so sorry but I just love hating on Twilight :) and the fact that Harry Potter will be remembered for more than 100 years is so very true! HP is so great, it's going to be legendary!

Faith In Humanity Restored. Twilight sucks and Idc if you're a "die-hard" twilight fan.Harry potter was the best series anyone could have ever wrote!

Kid Dresses As Harry Potter And Goes To Kings Cross Station Asking For Directions To Platform 9 3/4…

This is the most adorable thing I have seen in my life. Keeping the dream alive. - This makes my heart very happy :-D

Fred and George Weasley. Fred's death was probably the only one I actually cried about..

Book VII from Fred and George sucks. I sorta expected Dumbledore to Obi-Wan on us (that's the way Heroic quests flow), but Sirius and Dobby, I thought it couldn't get worse. Fred was the worst. - Harry Potter / Fred 'n George Weasley.

Not necessarily funny, but so true. Thank you Ms. Rowling

What I have learnt...

So true! Learned all my life lessons from this series


Snape (this is actually my favorite Snape moment, because even though he "hates" these kids, he still protects them.

Snape and Lily, the saddest love story EVER

Never let me go / Severus Snape and Lily Evans / Harry Potter edit

I don't care how many times I pin these pictures, I will continue pinning them.

Funny pictures about I feel like I grew up with these guys. Oh, and cool pics about I feel like I grew up with these guys. Also, I feel like I grew up with these guys.

What I learned from Harry Potter

Harry Potter life lessons- made me tear up! I heart HP. Always.

I chuckled.    [via MuggleNet]

What If Severus Snape Survived? [Comic]

Funny pictures about What if Snape survived? Oh, and cool pics about What if Snape survived? Also, What if Snape survived?