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Knitting Blanket Tutorials - How to Make Large Chunky Blanket

This is the Easiest Tutorial for That Chunky Knit Blanket Everyone Loves

Chunky blankets add texture and warmth to any space - these knitted blankets have been so popular in decor ideas, home styling, interior decorating, blankets, knitted crafts

Ohhio. Gorgeous chunky knits by Anna — Kickstarter

Anna is raising funds for Ohhio. Gorgeous chunky knits on Kickstarter! Super soft and smooth blankets

A Picasso la inspiración le llegaba trabajando, pero somos muchos más a los que las musas nos sorprenden durmiendo. Para que no se pierdan esas geniales ideas, coloca un escritorio cerca de la cama.

It's all about the chunky knit. Huge stitches make the cosiest blankets in the world and the beautiful Mink colour works perfectly with any colour scheme.

Arm Knit a Blanket in 45 Minutes | simplymaggie.com The fastest way to knit a chunky style blanket.

Knit a blanket in just 45 minutes using your arms as the needles. The fastest way to knit a chunky style blanket. Here is the step by step video tutorial:

Ukraine-based designer Anna Mo creates the wooliest, comfiest-looking knit creations using super chunky, Australian merino wool yarn and 40 millimeter knitting needles.

Designer's gigantic, chunky knits will make your home comfier than ever