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How To: Make Your Own Surreal DIY Cloud Wedding Backdrop

How To: Surreal DIY Cloud Backdrop (supposedly for weddings but probably awesome in my house) - Would be adorable with Bobee Paper Lantern! What a creative Idea!

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DIY String Lights To Decorate Your Rooms

Clouds night-light: This idea is good at an early stage when the baby can't pull on the wire. The main cloud is made by carving a wood panel with a hobby drill. The night-light was bought from dollar store for $1. The light components were modified to have a longer wire and then stuck to the back of the main cloud. The other clouds are cut out of art board with a hobby blade. I glued a single thumbtack behind each cloud which is enough to keep up the light weight cutouts. The main cloud is…

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How To: Surreal DIY Cloud Wedding Backdrop #diy pinterest.com/heymercedes

How To: Make Your Own Surreal DIY Cloud Wedding Backdrop

How To: Surreal DIY Cloud Wedding Backdrop. I feel like this is just a cool lighting/backdrop DIY not necessarily for a wedding

DIY Cloud Lamp ☁ | Superholly - YouTube

Paper lantern (from ikea), use a hot glue gun to glue cotton/bedding onto the lantern, feed string light through it and hang it up with fishing wire

Cool DIY cloud light by the you-tuber and artist: TiffyQuake  http://youtu.be/nOQkqUFpn3M

This Incredible DIY Cloud Lamp Is Completely Awesome, And So Simple To Create - less expensive version