Moleskine 7 by ~Sabinerich on deviantART

Another picture from my moleskine sketch book. Had to do another geisha Hope you all like.

Sabine Rich

Here is another sketch from my moleskine. I'm having lots of fun with these. I never really know what I'm going to do when I start and so stuff just so.

Moleskine sketch 2 by on @deviantART

Moleskine sketch 2 by Sabinerich. on Excellent work, here. Journal drawing ^ω^

Moleskine 5 by ~Sabinerich on deviantART

this is an amazing drawing that takes alot of time and practice. Just looking at this drawing makes me jelous . Such good work i want to go to an art school that teaches this AMAZING !

Craft 360: Glass Painting Patterns

Glass painting is the most beautiful and impressive work to do.I collect glass painting patterns from everywhere i found. Here are some of my most favorite glass painting patterns.


Girls Putting On Makeup Coloring Book Girl With Calavera Makeup Holding Sugar Skull Halloween Coloring, Young Girl Putting Makeup On Coloring Page Free Printable, Vector Hand Drawn Man Sugar Skull Stock Vector