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old school chinese decoration include square-ish bird cages and intricately colour urn-like shapes.

Chinese Herbalist Shop.  What does it smell like?  Like dust and age?  Or is it spotless and the only scents are the herbs themselves? Is one or prevalent or do they all jumble and overwhelm each other?

How to Plan a Wonderful Weekend in California Gold Country

In many Gold Rush towns in California, one could find shops serving the Chinese mine workers and with Century medicine leaving a lot of room for improvement, a Chinese herbalist was a common sight.

doorway into bliss at the Reethi Rah Five-Star Resort, Maldives

Luxurious Reethi Rah Five-Star Resort, Maldives

The oriental artistic conception

The oriental artistic conception

The Tanyue Club in Sanya of China, design by TERRE…

hanflor pvc tile vinyl plank anti-slip water proof flooring granite looking slate long-lasting sound absorption

Chinese or China Furniture Designs Large Antique by PaperPopinjay

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Chinese Tradition/modern interior http://www.pinterest.com/joliesarts ∗  »☆Elysian-Interiors ♕ Simply Divine #Interiordesign

Because of my background, I like to add Chinese elements into modern interior - all traditional elements contained in the details, but the whole things kept modern style, such as clean lines and materials.

【春沐家】原创设计新中式茶台 茶几 现代中式茶台 黑胡桃茶台-淘宝网

【春沐家】原创设计新中式茶台 茶几 现代中式茶台 黑胡桃茶台-淘宝网