Minus the deer. ** A place where the deer roamed as if always waiting for something to happen and the birds would fly from tree to tree, hoping to not be seen.

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The edges of Glamdreth tend to be dark and murky. Sunlight barley reaches though the thick forest greens. But in the middle of this mysterious realm, sunlight would pour through the leaves, giving a happy glow to all of Glamdreth.

Fantasy Art Engine | Trio, Horses, Escort and River by Sean Silvestre

f Cleric on horseback snow stream forest hills farmland w m Fighter Chain Sword Fantasy Art Engine

fantasyartwatch:  Gateway of Giants by Fabian Rensch

The Sentinel Grand statue, unknown builders, from before the cataclysmic events during the Great Strife. Stands at the northern shore of The Lake Of Dreams

UNSHADED illustration by Team GNOO & ZK , via Behance

Story idea: Every forest has its spirits. Humans fear them, but they only want to protect the forest. What will happen when a human meets a spirit?