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Why does it seem like your leaving me when I need you most.I need you Ry

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Hilo rojo del destino

One of the things I love about manga is the hands. yes I said hands! lol but honestly hands are a

Immagine di manga, hands, and anime

I wish to hold your hands someday.

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Hands entangled in string Reference manga

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all lines baby


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hands, manga, and anime Bild

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Es tan difícil tomar tu mano ...  Antes la tomaba sin dudarlo

The guy's hand reminds me of an anime character I created

ToukenRanbu KuriSani

Cosmo e Nemo (Angina)

LT (40)

LT (40)

gusty: “ Red String of Fate ” We were bound together.

this is the first step for beginners. try it, it's easy ;)

Fresh Start - Chapter 5

I'm use to drawing hands separately.but drawing hands together is even better.

Drawing Hands by *vashs-angel on deviantART

Drawing Hands Tutorial, by *vashs-angel on deviantART. This is a neat tutorial that shows how to draw realistic-looking hands for your characters. Includes notes on correct hand vs.

Easy Drawings: Ice cream

Ice cream

I luv ice cream- wallpaper