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Why does it seem like your leaving me when I need you most.I need you Ry

Hội tụ các thánh lầy bựa từ thế giới anime và nhân vật vui nhộn về 1 … #hàihước # Hài hước # amreading # books # wattpad

Ảnh Chế(anime,tùm lum..)

If you look up Pocky anime it has so many images like this so I'm going to grab a box of Pocky and see if I can get a boyfriend lol

Otra cosa que me gusta aparte de leer es dibujar (aunque no muy bien) y que mejor que mezclar ambas, por eso ahora les traigo un especial d...

for some reason I thought drawing happy percabeth would help? nah, this file is still called sadass.png and I didnt even try viria