Crochet appliques fleurs et feuilles de définir par Cra…

Hand Crochet Appliques Poppy flowers and leaves crocheted using Acrylic yarn. MADE TO ORDER Large flowers measures approx: 7 - cm in

Rosa invertida

How to Crochet a Double Crochet Ribbed Stitch Video Tutorial. Learn how to crochet the Double Crochet Ribbed Stitch.

Flor otra,

- "This is a beautiful rose corsage. I don't usually like the flowers that are made from a twisted strip because they're often too heavy, but this one is delicate looking! There are more charts and photos of how to make this at the site." Enjoy from

DIY Crochet Christmas Socks with Free Pattern

You will love this mini christmas stockings crochet pattern and we have included a video tutorial that shows you how to make them in 10 minutes.

Crochet Applique Multicolored Flower Pansy di CraftsbySigita

Crochet Flower - Crochet Applique - Multicolored Flower - Pansy Viola Flower - Made to Order

Este listado que usted recibe 6 piezas de crochet el applique.  3 flores, aprox. 2 pulgadas de diámetro 3 juegos de combo hojas con tallos, longitud en 2 hojas aprox, 2,25 pulgadas, con un tallo aprox. 1,25 pulgadas. Estas hojas y el tallo se cosen juntos.  Flores y las hojas no están vinculados entre sí para que usted puede organizar en su proyecto sin embargo te gusta.  personalizar el orden, los pls convo mí...

Crochet wool applique Bellanca Bellanca Snyder this would make a cute hair clip for Stella