For every person out there who' s in love these pictures will definitely make you smile. And everyone who hasn' t found their love yet, these pictures will make you try even harder....

“All you need is love,” The Beatles sang. But what exactly is love? South Korean artist Andrew Hou has spent almost 6 years trying to explain this feeling to his wife by drawing.


This image has special meaning to me on many different level. In our lives there'll be bound to be dark, rainy, days. In those gloomy days, remember that there's still love and that life is colorful. This piece though simple is soulful!

Hj Story

This was actually a redrawn version of an old simple HJS image. I changed it a bit and it is now my favorite HJS drawing that I feel portrays what love is.

HJ-Story :: Love Pearl | Tapastic Comics - image 1

I always say that I want my Engagement ring to be a Pearl because if man dives to the depths of the Ocean to pluck it for you, he definitely loves you