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Corvin Castle - Hunedoara, Transylvania. Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned here for 7 years. Supposed to be extremely haunted.

Abandoned Corvin Castle, Hunedoara, Transylvania - Vlad the Impaler was imprisoned here for 7 years, supposed to be extremely haunted

Bran Castle, Romania – also known as Dracula's Castle | 14 of the Most Amazing Fairy Tales Castles you should See in a Lifetime

Bran Castle, Romania – also known as Dracula's Castle 14 of the Most Amazing…

Peleș Castle in Prahova County, Romania

30 Most Beautiful Castles in the World - Peleș Castle is a neo-renaissance castle located in Carpathian Mountains, near Sinaia, in Prahova County, Romania. The castle was built between

Corvins' Castle (or Hunyad Castle, or Hunedoara Castle), Romania

Corvins' Castle (or Hunyad Castle, or Hunedoara Castle), Transilvania, Romania

Crazy cool...Hunyad castle, Transylvania, Romania

Hunyad Castle, Transylvania, Romania Hunyad Castle is also known as Hunedoara Castle. This is located in Romania. this castle was built in 1316 by King Charles I of Hungary.

Hunyad Castle, Romania

Pretty sure this is the castle they used in Van Helsing. I must go to it The greatest Gothic-style castle in Romania, Hunyad, aka. Corvinesti castle was built by the Anjou family on the site of a former Roman camp.


The Medieval Eltz Castle located in Wierschem, Germany, has been owned and occupied by the same branch of family for over 850 years, or 33 generations to be exact.

Trakai, Lithuania

Lithuania - Trakai Island Castle is an island castle located in Trakai, Lithuania on an island in Lake Galvė

The Château de Vitré

100 Best Castles

The Château de Vitré - a medieval castle in Brittany

This cannot be a real place, but that's ok... I'll still go there in my mind

Beast's Castle - Disney World


Some of the best castles in the world are in Romania. There are hundreds of them, besides fortresses or monasteries. Here are 45 that will blow you away.

Fantastic castle Colomares_5

Fantastic castle That spiral staircase though.

Drachenfels Castle, Germany.

Drachenfels Castle is a castle ruin near Busenberg in the Palatinate Forest in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It is located on and inside a sandstone rock in height. It is unknown when the castle was built, but the Castellans, the lords of Drachen

Moszna Castle, Poland  photo via zuzana

Castle in Moszna, Poland, a small village in south-west Poland, approximately 30 km mi) from Opole. The castle in Moszna is one of the best known monuments in the western part of Upper Silesia.

The abandoned Grand Synagogue in Constanta, Romania, built 1911.  In 2012 there were approximately 50 Jews there--from 2500 in 1941. The Romanian government will not help guard, preserve, or rebuild the synagogue. "The three grand monotheist religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam have all lived in peace here and all have built a place of worship at the shore of the Black Sea. All the places of worship are functional except the Grand Synagogue."…

Photography: Landscape & Architecture – The Abandoned Grand Synagogue, Constanta, Romania

Dracula's Castle - Bran, Romania

Dracula's Castle - Bran, Romania