Togruta concept art for Shaak Ti by Dermot Power, The Art of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. "This red and white pattern was a phenotype left over from their ancestor's camouflage that helped them to blend in with their natural surroundings, especially the red-and-white turu-grass which dominated Shili's scrublands."


Concept art for the Togruta species, serving as inspiration for Councilor Shaak Ti. (Togruta Concept by Dermot Power from 'The Art of Star Wars Ep.

compilado de imágenes para este fomingo

compilado de imágenes para este fomingo

Nsio Pose Practice 8: Sayaka Overweight by on @DeviantArt

Pose Reference Sheet of a chubby girl - different poses: lying, eating, sitting, talking.