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Yawata, Kyoto cherry blossom tunnel - from Asahi Shimbun helicopter, shooting Shigeko Sato.

Tunnel of cherry tree Kyoto, Japan WOW.imagine this in full bloom, what an experience that wouold be!

Tori gate in Hakone, Japan. #Japan #Shinto

japan 2009 Tori Gate in Hakone, Kanagawa, Japan. When I was in Hakone it was shrouded in fog like this in the evening and morning. You couldn't see the water at all, then suddenly it would part and you could see the lake. Really gorgeous.

See the picz: Kozen-ji Yamagata Japan |see more

Kozen-ji, Yamagata, Japan: photo by William Corey .this picture has cause japan to rise to the top of my travel list.


Combination of Pink and Blue is always the best.Cherry blossom festival at the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village in Yuchi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan

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A farmer house amidst the rice fields, which are filled with clear water and are gently green with growing rice plant.