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How To Draw Ruffles Tutorial V2 by on @deviantART

Just a little frilly tutorial I made super quick in Photoshop. This is my failsafe method of drawing frills - I have no idea where I learnt how to do this but I& found pics from & where I& us.

So I was searching what to draw and as I want to draw lips, I though, some…

How I paint - Jewelry - Gold'n'Silver by rika-dono tiara necklace for princess…

kurisu004: So easy! Ten 5-step drawing tutorials ... - references

Ten drawing tutorials“There’s a lot of tutorials that show you how to illustrate with each step but this time we’ve selected tutorials that only take 5 steps to explain!

I was waiting a payment and got bored. I usually keep those to myself as I do them pretty often as a record of a current process and archive but I guess. How I Paint - Several Things