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****James Nachtwey- His photographs are focused around the holocaust and they are very moving. They bring out so much emotion and make you want to go hug everyone from that time. Though they seem a little grey to me and not much contrast, I still really enjoy the emotion they make you feel.

Fotografías que te harán sentir el infierno en vida

James Nachtwey is the greatest war photographers of our time. He began photographing because he was “influenced by imagery from the Vietna.

La Mirada Difusa (Cultura, Frikadas y Tontunas de la Era Moderna): Fotógrafos: James Nachtwey

This photographer captured one man slicing the neck of another man in the 1998 riots in Indonesia.

Afficher l'image d'origine

Famine In Africa and poor Nations Must look at them all over the world No astsnaa. Shared by Edith Cruz

Advertencia: Esta lista te hará sentir muchas emociones.

Las 45 fotos más impactantes del 2014

2014 Bulent Kilic - Istanbul, Turkey, 31 May / A man protects a woman as they face a police officer dispersing protesters near Taksim Square, as the police blocked access during the one-year anniversary of the Gezi Park and Taksim Square demonstrations

James Nachtwey - Inspiration from Masters of Photography - 121Clicks.com

James Natcheway (Born March is one of the most importrant American Photojournalist and War Photographer.

Modern day slavery - gold. Shared by Edith Cruz

Children working, to earn money supporting their families financially. Child slavery is very common in families who are living in extreme poverty

Reflections on the Rwandan Genocide; Photographs By James Nachtwey - LightBox

When the World Turned Its Back: James Nachtwey's Reflections on the Rwandan Genocide

Intravenous rehydration was critical to reviving cholera victims, Zaire, By James Nachtwey