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you and delaney can paint your hands and necks black, and wear red beanies. or you can wear a shirt with twenty one pilots glued on it

blurryface - my friend recently told me that she loved twenty one pilots and I was like "FINALLY IM THE ONE WHO LIKES THE BAND FIRST" cuz no one understand my taste in music<<i feel yeah that's basically what happened with me too

i don't know when i should stop posting clique stuff that's from the blurryface era. prolly never

Tchau Blurry

Shaking hands with the dark parts of my thoughts ~ TØP, Doubt

i have the same uke

Him and his lil ukulele! Look at that adorable lil smol bean<<< such the smol bean with the lil smol face an the lil smol ukelelelelele

@ jengrajeda

Tyler: josh where r u, I can't c u anymore. Josh: tyler, I'm rite behind u Tyler: i dunno where u r, u'll have 2 come and find meh Josh: .