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Up, Down, Stop, Go!

"We have thousands of FREE lesson ideas and activity resources." This one of their teaching websites that provide free ideas, resources, information, and advice for teachers.

Casual Relief Teaching - Tips, Helpful Forms and Checklists to help substitute/relief teachers be organized and provide helpful feedback for the regular classroom teacher.

Casual Relief Teaching - Tips, Helpful Forms and Checklists

Spanish resources (simple) numbers, colors, food, body parts, greetings, time and weather, hobbies, school objects, etc.

Character counts essay prompts sat Character counts essay prompts - Attention getters to get students attention loudly say alligator, alligator the youngsters reply i use a stirring drum to get the.

When we ask our kids, "How was your day?" ~ The response is usually a varying degree of, It was okay/fine/pretty good, etc. Why not give them the tools they need to express and show us just exactly how their day was. This would be great to save from month to month as well. Or laminate them and reuse each day as a coloring placemat at after school snack time.

gonna put this behind glass in a frame for the kids to complete after school with a dry erase marker!(School Notes Free Printable by ©LivingLocurto)

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Amazing site for many printable social stories. Good site for building visual schedules and social stories.

Love this--students could write the number on the top of their paper before they turn it in. That way they don't risk embarrassment or refuse to ask questions during class discussion.

I Love My Classroom: Double Digit Multiplication and a Comprehension Freebie Great poster to rate comprehension

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Common application college essay 2012 movie With instant access to more than 700 colleges and universities around the world, the Common App is the most seamless way to manage the application process.

50 word story challenge. Great examples and teaching ideas!

50 Word Story Challenge!

50 Word Story - A Writing Challenge! Great lesson for careful word selection & editing.

A Crucial Week: PE freebie: Station teaching cards- Throwing

Everyone loves a freebie. Here's a station teaching pack to brighten up your day. It's based on 6 throwing activities for a simple, easy to .