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gorgeous arrangement with thistle, brassica cabbage blossoms, dahlia, and silver brunia

When making your flower arrangement include flowers with various shapes and stem lengths. Add large, heavy flowers first turning the arrangement as you work to ensure even placement on all sides. Fill in with smaller, airier blooms, and leave enough space

Anywake is a new app that lets you wake up in different places every morning. The alarm will sound from a different city and if you guess it right you get a discounted flight to that destination!     Nice idea.

Lovely clean design, and a lovely little idea for an app. "Anywake - Where will you wake up tomorrow?

International Dark Sky Designation, The Headlands, Michigan

The Headlands Dark Sky Park, Michigan One of the original International Dark Sky Parks, the Headlands in Emmet County sprawls across 600 acres of forest at the northern tip of Michigan.