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Ready-made garments - Summer 2010 (Viking Average) - good close-up of all the pieces in trousers.

Viking trousers reproduction: all that work just for a pair of pants.

Unlike modern trousers or those in later periods, the Thorsbjerg trousers featured an interesting pattern of panels that closed up the front and back. The design on these, especially the front, meant that a pair of seams ran on either side of the “male region” rather than one seam running straight across it, which made the trousers very comfortable when sitting or riding horseback.  Pants. What pants?

Unlike modern trousers or those in later periods, the Thorsbjerg trousers…


"Seam treatments on the Viborg shirt, cleverly joining both outer and lining pieces and hiding the seam allowances all in one seam.

These pants were made following the example set by the Rus-pants. A early viking pattern, that allows enomous movement. The pants are being tied on the waistband and just below the knee. The calf is fitted tight, so you can also use...

Attention: The upper seam on the hip is really wide. Do not wonder, but see the Rus pants cut as an authentic (and surprisingly: very comfortable) .

Viking Pants, brown - Trousers - Costumes

Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

Viking Pants, brown - Trousers - Costumes Men - Costumes could this be done with over sized draw string pants and the knees to ankles tacked?