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“Thursday, February Working on my title. I used a red color pencil and Paper Mate Flair pen.

A super pretty example of the Kuretake brush pens

calligraphy felt tip Swatching my favorite Zig pinks Wink of Stella Glitter Brush in Dark Pink and Pink Zig Scroll & Brush in Pure Pink, Fuchsia and Candy Pink Zig Cocoiro Extra Fine in Rose Pink


studeity: “ // Summarised Marketing notes on strategic planning! :^) I may have summarised things a little too much. but rest assured I have made more in-depth notes~ ”


Creative Note Taking: How to Illustrate Your Notes. Drawing and doodling notes helps you remember information more easily. Rock that test with colorful, memorable note taking.

เบื่อการอ่านหนังสือสอบที่มีตัวอักษรดำพรืดดดด หรือเปล่าคะ มาค่ะ AkeruFeed มีไอเดียการจดเลคเชอร์ดีๆ เอ

40 ไอเดียเลคเชอร์ยังไงให้สอบผ่านฉลุย

A med student who is studying hard now to get free coffee at the hospital in the future

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reviseordie:Made a funny little flow chart of key literary characters for my exam to keep my spirits up!