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Yui Frere, assassin and former knight. Her skill in the art of manslaughter is unmatched. She became violent and ruthless in battle, so the Knight Order kicked her out. She then joined the Assassin Order to get revenge.

Arya Camilla

Dacey Mormont, Lady Maege's eldest daughter and heir to Bear Island, was a lanky six-footer who had been given a morningstar at an age when most girls were given dolls. "I have fought beside the Young Wolf in every battle, He has not lost one yet.

Female wilderness warrior character art for 'Seven Lands' Innogames

f Ranger leather shield sword Female wilderness warrior character art for 'Seven Lands' Innogames


Discover the art of Tianhua Xu ( 徐天华 ) , a Chinese freelance artist, in this selection of illustrations and sketches

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AstroSpirit / Capricorn ♑ / Earth / Capricorne / Sidhe (sheeth-uh) are fairy like being native to Ireland.

Ahes was also referred to as Dahud-Ahes and Dahut.  According to Patricia Monaghan, “this pagan princess lived in Brittany, the far-western Celtic wilderness of France, during the period when the Christian monks were destroying the remnants of the old European religion – the worship of maternal nature.  These flesh-despising monks ruined the princess’

From Mark Fisher : We’ve seen how the ancient Celts gave women certain inheritance and property rights, how some early Celtic women led.

by Didier Graffet

Uther Pendragon (Father of King Arthur) by Didier Graffet (reminded me of Targaryens)

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Heavy Metal Art : Subversive Beauty With Extreme Tattooing and Piercing, Wallpaper 18 abr_royo_subversive_beauty_the_daughter_of_the_moon