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Image from fantasy and syfy..with some cats..NSFW — tomjogi:   by JIYEON RYU

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Amariah, an eleven warrior her name means "Light Of Heaven" in Dwarven. Nobody knows she is female, because girls aren't allowed to fight, so she is like a fantasy Joan Of Arc.

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Emperor - The WarChief by Gillesketting on deviantART feels like edv, and the garb looks actually pretty accurate for a reconstruction of her clan's historical armor. But the face isnt quuuiite right.

"You can not win! Even in the midst of failure, I will keep fighting. Even if you kill me, my spirit will fight on! There is no stopping the power which you try to fight! Good will prevail!" "Yes," the enemy replied, "But who is good here, you or me?"

LOTR: Gil-Galad Faces Sauron artist unknown Photo: This Photo was uploaded by Tindomion_Maglorion.