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Reminds me of something from the Disney's Alice in Wonderland. The Art Of Animation, Camille André

Reminds me of the flowers dancing upside down on the water in Fantasia. Their petals looked like skirts! The Art Of Animation, Camille André

The Art Of Animation, Lange

When a Techpriest merges with a Node Tree, they loose a big part of their humanity. Some are colder, cut bridges with their loved ones, and dismiss what once define their existence.

Boo XD

I really enjoy this piece because it shows character building through illustration and then digitized to come to life. _________________________________________ DARKLINGS by Juan Casini, via Behance

"Eesa" by Tatchit.   (This is really more of a wolf than a fox, but I like it nonetheless.)

"Eesa" by Tatchit. This creature looks so cool! It looks a lot like a mixture of a wolf and a fox. Most of it screams fox to me except the tail


The Art Of Animation, This perspective is always so brilliantly composed and the characters have much personality and unique looks Completely adorable!

CGPortfolio - Jie He*

You have the freedom to draw anything and youa can easily yet majesticly let your thoughts flood onto the paper and nothing can stop you