[De Gracieuse] Elegante visite-toiletten (April 1908)

Some Art Nouveau influence in the decoration of the blue-green suit. (visit site for bigger picture) Gracieuse.

amazing print Fashion Plate - De Gracieuse, 1906 #edchat #artsed #edjustinemoon

Catalogue page showing walking dresses and suits, 1906 the Netherlands, De Gracieuse Check out the stuffed birds on the middle lady’s hat. This kind of thing was relatively common from the late.

De Gracieuse, September 1908, Edwardian Fashion Plate

Dresses, 1908 the Netherlands, De Gracieuse. Look at the hem of the long vest, look similar to todays hems!

Uit Oktober 1908

Dress, 1908 the Netherlands, De Gracieuse Good idea for a sash hmm nice flow of movement with the material.