Alice Carrier

alicecarrier: “ I love dainty lavender bundle tattoos. This was done on a woman who interned with a close, old friend of mine, Alia Hoffman of Darling Press! I love it when worlds collide like.

Alice Carrier foi uma das primeiras a se especializar em tatuagens botânicas. Inspirada pela natureza, seus desenhos tem estilo vintage e traços precisos.

As tatuagens botânicas vintage inspiradas pela beleza da natureza de Alice Carrier

Flowers ~Wildflower bouquet tattoo by Alice Carrier at Wonderland Tattoo in Portland, OR


alicecarrier: simple sage sprig on the inner bicep. thanks for coming in…

Flowers and leaves are making naturally beautiful tattoos following the curves of the body. By Alice.

floral rib to chest tattoo by alice carrier, at anatomy tattoo in portland, oregon. Wowww I love the way it flows on the body! Placement is great!