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175 (Mostly) Positive Character Traits

This post has 175 positive and 175 negative character traits. This would be great for student writing folders/ enrichment vocab.

Writers Write

45 ways to avoid using the word 'very' - Writers Write (not for kids, but a helpful vocabulary guide for older school students)

Why you need strong verbs when you write - Writers Write

Strong verbs improve your writing in three ways. They help you: Reduce adverbs: Choosing strong verbs helps you to be specific. You should replace an adverb and a verb with a strong verb if you.

Feelings we understand but cant grasp at the same time.

화이팅 Laughing Is What Stands Between Death and Survival 화이팅 : 23 Emotions People Feel but Can't Explain- Borrowe.

Writing: 28 Mini Thesaurus Charts perfect for writing journals! Comes mini and standard size!

List Of Tones And Moods | TONE | Mr.Dickes


Use this page to help you understand the "tone" for any article or story that we read in class. If you understand the author's tone, you will most likely understand the main idea (informational or .

Words to Replace Said | Writing Tips by bleu.

Words to Replace Said | Writing Tips by bleu.