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'Stranger Things' The 2016 Netflix series. Drawing from classic horror movies from the past, this series was brilliant. Plus Winona Ryder. (Also this poster!

Star Wars print

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Awesome fan art of Stranger Things. I was confused at first because I thought this was legit a VHS tape of Stranger Things. Awesome!

'Stranger Things': 11 amazing fan art homages to the show's kick-ass women

Stranger Things VHS Tape - just like it was found in a charity shop or forgotten cupboard, so perfect Más

Stranger things. Why didn't I pace myself? Can't I get more than 8 episodes?! C'mon, man!

Why didn't I pace myself? Can't I get more than 8 episodes?>> More than 8 episodes? That's almost THREE SEASONS of Sherlock

The teaser included what are rumored to be the nine episode titles for the new season.

What's Your Best Fan Theory About Season Two Of "Stranger Things"?