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The South Bank Show: Philip Larkin

In March 1981 Melvyn Bragg travelled to Hull to interview the poet, librarian and jazz critic Philip Larkin for a production of the South Bank Show.

Philip Larkin

Philip Larkin: Misogynist, racist, miserable? Or caring, playful man who lived for others?

Poet’s corner: Philip Larkin at the venetian window of his home in 1958

1957 Ted Hughes - The Hawk in the Rain

The Best Poets in the late The young nonconformists who addressed real concerns like the injustices of the modern life and the importance of the imagination.

Poetry In Motion: Philip Larkin

Alan Bennett reads the poetry of Philip Larkin. Broadcast on Channel 4 in the summer of

25 things to do in Edinburgh before you die - The Scotsman

Scots police evidence leads to ‘legal highs’ ban - The Scotsman

Philip Larkin, Home is so Sad

Philip Larkin, Home is so Sad. Thought I’d lay my contribution before World Poetry Day is over.

Useful analysis of Mr Bleaney.

Level Up, Literature pages -- A-level analysis on a broad range of literature and time periods to help you level up your grades.

Philip Larkin, “The Literary World”

Philip Larkin, “The Literary World” Filed under: marriage, til art do us part

Philip Larkin

Philip Larkin on memory - 'Perhaps being old is having lighted rooms Inside your head, and people in them, acting.

Philip Larkin: Love and Death in Hull - as far as moaning goes... This is up there....

Philip Larkin: Love and Death in Hull (Channel A decent documentary on Philip Larkin's life as the 'Hermit of Hull'. I apologise for the poor video qualit.