Bombka choinkowa w frywolitkowej koszulce / Christmas ball in tatted cover

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Tatted Star by Murphys Designs (not really tatting, but could certainly be adapted to real tatting) by Collien Kaseberg

Koroneczka - frywolitki i ceramika: Frywolitkowe pantalony na bombkę - wzór  #tatting_patterns #tatting  #frywolitki

Chaplet - tatting and ceramics: Frywolitkowe pantaloons on Christmas ornament - design

Tat Snowflake from Terry the Tatter in book called Tatted Ornaments

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Tatted Ornament #3 | Flickr - "Hanging Baskets" edging pattern by Wanda Salmans.

Tatted ornament done in Altin Basak 50 varigated purple with beads. Edging pattern "Hanging Baskets" by Wanda Salmans.

tatting, no patterns, but great idea to "link" motifs around a ball

Tatting And Art Of Adding Lace Like Patterns To Clothing Around The Home

Great way to detail christmas ornaments you've hung on the tree year after year, when your ready for change.