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I blinked, my eyes were a camera lens. I could record or take images with my eyes. I was a weapon, a spy. The Republic Order sent me to spy on the enemy, but they knew I become fr (Cool Gadgets For Girls)

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The Electronic Eyes trope as used in popular culture. Eyes made from electronics. Prevalent in cyberpunk and post-cyberpunk works, occasionally crops up in …

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Treat me well. I am a human being. I cry when I'm sad. I bleed when I'm cut. It is the first law of humanity.

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Singularity — By Soufiane Idrassi of Meknes, Morocco Cyborg

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writing prompt: Finish the story: Viper hated homework, So much time wasted on things that weren't fun! She thought how silly it was that in this day and age she couldn't just upload it to her brain or swallow an Einstein capsule or something...

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