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Thank god I'm a country girl: Love Life Country Countryside Sunsets Sunrise Farm Clouds Stunning Landscape ~B


"The road less travelled" by Bill Power on - This road less travelled in the forest area of Ireland must be entered by way of the gate even on a beautiful autumn day like this one.


~~Snowshill Lavender ~ Cotswolds village in Gloucestershire, England, located near Broadway, Worcestershire. I went here today and let me tell you it is even more beautiful in real life 😍

could this be virginia creeper and boston ivy, perhaps something else or different cultivars, any gardeners out there have any idea what it is and where it is.

Wine tendrils on a house wall in Tuebingen, Germany. (Thomas Gast) Now that's fall colors


Amazing photo of beautiful flowers, with gold sunrise. Beautiful nature images, photos and pictures of flowers, landscape photographs. Nature photography that takes your breath away.

autumnal fire

While I like to plant native species in my gardens I can't help but want to try and add a few of these Japanese Maple to my forest where I have removed the undergrowth and overcrowded small trees. It would really be a standout!