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Weichlbauer Ortis Architects / green project

Single Family, Grass Covered House Residence in Frohnleiten, Austria. Designed by Reinhold Weichlbauer and Albert Josef Ortis of Weichlbauer Ortis Architects.


It's photography, but still amazing! Victor Enrich photographed buildings and impossible constructions, he turned architecture (here from Tel Aviv - Israel) into improbable and surreal shapes through retouching and photo montages.

Creative designs, latest trends, modern colors and recycling ideas for Green and beautiful homes.

A Surrealist House Adorned with Lawned Walls and Floating Staircases. Designed by Weichlbauer Ortis Architects, the house’s exterior is covered in a thin veneer of synthetic grass so as to blend the structure into the sloping hill on which it’s perched.

Concrete house in Pozuelo de Alorcón, Spain by A-cero and Joaquin Torres Architects...for the grass terraces

Concrete House II / A-cero

Rhythmic grass steps with dark risers emphasizing shadows (Concrete House, Pozuelo de Alorcón, Spain by A-cero, Joaquin Torres Architects. Photograph by Luis H.

Naman Spa | MIA Design Studio Photography: Oki Hiroyuki

Naman Spa

Pure Spa, Naman Retreat, Vietnam - MIA Design Studio Spectacular - check out the plans as well, really beautiful internal courtyard and transition spaces.

TREE HOPPER - otco: ‘Tree hopper’ is a new public city infrastructure that allows you to disconnect from the city - in the city. It combines the satisfaction of pitching your own tent with the excitement of occupying a tree  canopy at the convenience of strolling to the park next door.| cargocollective

Called "Tree Hopper", the winning project of the Triumph Architectural Treehouse Award presents a mixed structure - built around a tree. Through a spiral staircase, visitors can access the comfortable accommodations that resemble a futuristic beehive.

ACROS Building-Japan

ACROS Building in Japan - The building features a step-up façade laced with more than plants. The roof is part of a huge 1 million square foot building that features office space, shops, theater and museum. An eco friendly green roof!

15 Strange and Unusual Homes you have never seen | Incredible Pictures

Treehouses and houses in trees ranging from faerie fantasy to smooth and futuristic

Molokai, Hawaii

Forest House, Never Never Land photo via besttravelphotos To pin under architecture or nature? Truly green home!

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has developed a concept to introduce natural…

Asian Cairns Project, sustainable farmscrapers for rural urbanity, Shenzhen, China, design concept by Vincent Callebaut Architectures.

The Stork Nest Farm - near Prague, Czech Republic;  a company bought a 19th century farm to revitalize and use for corporate activities and events;  there is a hotel, conference hall, restaurant, stable, and pool;  to honor the storks that nested at the property, a circular riding arena was built in the shape of a stork nest – it has an external diameter of 112 feet and height of 41 feet;  designed by SGL Projekt s.r.o.

The Stork Nest Farm / SGL Projekt

Image 8 of 21 from gallery of The Stork Nest Farm / SGL Projekt. Courtesy of sgl projekt s.

Single Family, Grass Covered House Residence in Frohnleiten, Austria. Designed by Reinhold Weichlbauer and Albert Josef Ortis of Weichlbauer Ortis Architects.

Homes covered with UNUSUAL GREEN material, astroturf.  You'd have to recarpet the exterior every so often.  RESIDENCE