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Pinned just because its amazing Incredible Sunbeam Tattoo Idea. The light and shading in this tattoo piece is just shockingly good!

Eyelid Tattoo on http://www.drlima.net

Das Augenlid-Tattoo

Portrait & Ornate Window

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Tattoos are hot, modern-day day body art and style accessories. Although yes, people may regret their tattoos. It is dependent on you that where you w...

50 Amazing Bodysuit Tattoos Design Ideas

unique Tattoo Trends - Biomechanical tattoo Speed up and simplify the pistol loading process with the .

Amazing full back tattoo  - 100 Awesome Back Tattoo Ideas  <3 <3

100 Awesome Back Tattoo Ideas

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Tattoo on full back Back might be one of the best choices for tattooing. A lot of people start their first tattoo on the back. It’s more flexible to many tattoo patterns as the back is the largest area of… Continue Reading →

Bio mechanical tat  Bio mechanical tat

Tattoos can be used for cosmetic reasons. Simple tattoo designs are great for a first tatt.