VITRALES - Kevin Contreras Amoretti

Red lips graphics, graphic design, VITRALES by Kevin Contreras Amoretti, via Behance

Etsy :: lrcarey :: girl pOp series - maroon stripe / red lips from

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I'm doing a photo shoot where I complete my models look with hair, make-up & clothing. I've chosen my theme to be 'pop-art' as I loved studying it when i was at school & thinks it's an excellent adventure!

Sweet Pair of Glossy Vector Lips. Open Sexy wet red lips with teeth pop art set backgrounds, eps 10


I love how the artist began with the design concept of a guitar but strayed away from that and created a scene with it. I think the simplicity of the piece allows the guitar to still be seen. I love how you can see both the scene and the guitar easily.

Gente que morde a boca o tempo todo... CS

Gente que morde a boca o tempo todo.

Home rizando kkkk

This is a neat design, love how they laid out homer on to the board and the little tattoos keep my focus on the board.