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She always books the night flight since she adores that view outside the window, the 3 layers of the sky: the stars, the clouds and the space hanging in between.

Me imagine que podía ponerle nombre al amor, pero no un nombre de hombre, de mujer, nombre que no sea amor, algo más mío, más de todos. Pensé en eso camino a la ferretería, pensando en eso me olvid...


As she walked along she dramatized the night. There was about it a wild, lawless charm that appealed to a certain wild, lawless strain hidden deep in her nature—the strain of the gypsy, the poet, the genius and the fool ~L.



"Flight 24 is taking off in 30 minutes." A voice rang in the ears of the travelers. That's your flight! You grab your remaining things and rush through the crowd of people and to Gate 16. You wait in line, nervous, but excited, to start the trip of a lifetime. You give the flight attendant your boarding pass and are directed to your seat. Your trip has started.

Photo (意義)

Fly away. Photo idea - passport stamps looking out airplane window