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Legendy Polskie. Film TWARDOWSKY. Allegro

Beautiful short cinematics about Polish Legends. [Eng Subs]

Legendy Polskie. Film Jaga. Allegro - YouTube

Not Witcher-related per se, but Poland's been making a series of badass Polish Legends clips with modern retellings of old tales, I thought you might enjoy "Jaga" (from the Slavic witch "Baba Yaga").

Ostatnia rodzina - Recenzja przedpremierowa #221 - YouTube

Ostatnia rodzina - Recenzja przedpremierowa #221 - YouTube

Africa For Norway: Radi-Aid Charity Single Urges Africans To Donate Radiators (VIDEO)

The Most Important Charity Song Ever

"Africa for Norway," Africans collect radiators, because in Norway "kids are freezing." The video is a riff on "Do They Know It's Christmas?", the 1984 song that was the number one single in 13 countries.

Ruth Weyher, 1920’s German silent film actress, with cute kitten and rock’n bob.

35 Cats with totally cool cat marking

Ruth Weyher, German silent film actress, with cute kitty. 61 saves Tap the link for an awesome selection cat and kitten products for your feline companio

This Canadian beer ad seems utterly relevant this week : videos

Ads I'm Into: Bird Strategy Inc. for Molson Canadian - digitally redistributed guerrilla ad. Multidimensional (and multicultural) message all to share a beer. Extremely clever/pertinent to zeitgeist.

International Women’s Day 2016: What are you going to make? | This is why the stories we tell about the past matter. Women have always been inventors and innovators. Let's write women back into history.

Building on the inspiration and energy from day one, day two of the International Women’s Day Forum featured discussions on Communication and Perception, Inclusive Finance and Women-Centered Design, and Uncommon Alliances That Empower.

Aleja Gwiazd - Boruta - Legendy Polskie Allegro

Aleja Gwiazd - Boruta - Legendy Polskie Allegro

Once she saw her face while getting ready for a Date, her reaction? was priceless - 7 Second Videos

Plastic Author: Sandy Widyanata You can use it: acceptance of the body, social relationships

Od morza do Tatr otwierają się wrota piekielne. Nie wiadomo kto za tym stoi, ale wiadomo kto w to wdepnął: Boguś Kołodziej i jego luźno powiązany z rzeczywis...

Polish Legends: Operation Basilisk by Platige Image (Witcher movie producents)

Jaga - Legendy Polskie Allegro

Jaga - Legendy Polskie Allegro

The brainchild of Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston and House creator David Shore, Sneaky Pete is the latest offering from Amazon Originals. After beginning life as a CBS pilot, Sneaky Pete has now emerged as a ten part series on Amazon Prime, telling the story of incarcerated con artist Marius (Giovanni Ribisi). An intriguing concept The night before …

Sneaky Pete: the new crime drama you should binge-watch now