Need to paint somewhere in my house

You are stronger than you know! More Capable than you ever dreamed and you are loved more than you can imagine! Remember, cancer does not have to be a death sentence. // The Truth About Cancer

If i keep thinking this then 2015 will be fierce.

This is the year I will be stronger, braver, kinder, and unstoppable. This year I will be fierce. I stumbled upon this amazing quote on new years day. With my physical issues this past year it hit close. I am pinning it again.

And together, we will beat this!

The PinkBrunch Event for women -Pink Issues do become Family Issues Join us see how to get support - Cancer Awareness!

("Oh, The Places You'll Go!" by Dr Seuss.) What a great book. :)

Seuss is one of my favorite children's books authors. I read the book, "Oh the Places You'll Go" on one of the last days of school each year.

<3 When you choose JOY you feel good and when you feel good, you do good and when you do good it reminds others of what JOY feels like and it just might inspire them to do the same.

When you choose joy, you feel good; and when you feel good, you do good; and when you do good, it reminds others of what joy feels like,and it just might inspire them to do the same. i choose Joy. I choose Christa!


"Your time as a caterpillar has expired. Your wings are ready." --- You're ready to fly! Now is the time!

Don't let go!

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Just breathe

My "To-Do" list for today: Count my blessings Practice Kindness Let go of what I can't control Listen to my heart Be positive yet calm Just breathe

Happy Monday everyone!   Here's some inspiration to start your week :)

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Advice from a tree

Wisdom Quotes about Life from Tree: Advice from a tree: Stand tall and proud. Go out on a limb. Remember your roots. Drink plenty of water. Be content with your natural beauty. Enjoy the view.