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Whimsical Landscapes by Maggie Chiang -

Maggie Chiang is a part time dreamer & fulltime artist who creates whimsical places with beautiful landscapes I would love to explore.

Maggie Chiang

Maggie Chiang captures the the beauty of the grandiose with exquisite illustrations of landscapes. Inky textures mimic desert scenes and rapid waters.

Illustrated dreams by Esmé Shapiro

Meet the Ghosts of Illustrator Esmé Shapiro's Painted Dreams

Illustrated dreams by Esmé Shapiro

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crossconnectmag: “ Illustrations by Thomke Meyer Thomke Meyer is Hamburg, Germany based artist, creating book and magazine illustrations. Most of her drawings are clear, very muddy and dark.

Beatrice Alemagna

Beatrice Alemagna [PART II: ".I cannot even relax in all-black circles. I have dealt with much sexual abuse, & cannot wait to choke a female to her death. They've done nothing but attack me, while i (Mix Feelings Relationships)

fisherman - artist unknown #stars

Coyote Atelier illustration inspiration: Victoria Semykina "Armenian Tales and Legends"

Lucie Brunellière

Lucie Brunellière's Vibrant Jungle with Over 50 Animals

Illustrator Lucie Brunellière produced this series of playful images for The Very Jungly Jungle Book. There are over 50 characters within them!


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