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And Thats Who I Am.. Depression. Hurt. Anorexia. Bullied. Brocken. Death. Cutter. Self-Harm. Depressed. Suicidal. Sad. Bulimia. Paranoia. Anxiety. Panic. Eating Disorder. Voices. Lost. Self Hate. Misunderstood. Alone. Drugs. Hard. Judged. Alcohol. Cigarette. Panic. Recovery. Alive. Help. Strong. Cry. Life. Addiction. Pills. Bad. Hope.:

I hate when people just think that watching a funny movie or listening to a happy song will fix my depression you can't fix it only I can and right now I'm just not strong enough. This pin is true for me and everyone who suffers from chronic depression.

There's nothing like a nice, heavy blanket pulled up to your ears to make the world go away.

I just want to hibernate, yep, I know, your mouth is hanging open at the thought of me not wanting to be with people. I just want to hibernate

The Subtlety of Depression

The Subtlety of Depression

Funny pictures about The subtlety of depression. Oh, and cool pics about The subtlety of depression. Also, The subtlety of depression.

I'm the type of girl who could have tears streaming down my face and still insist that everything is fine

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Anxiety disorder: fighting and relief.

Anxiety Disorder Natural Treatments.

Mental illness quote: I know what it's like to be afraid of your own mind. damn this is a mental illness quote? then why can i relate to it so well.


faded-dreams-and-lost-hope: “ herebealex: “ beauty-is-all-i-need: “ breakingpiecesofmyheart: “ Not how it works ” I’m here for everyone. ” OKAY PEOPLE LETS GET THIS TO.

∘✧✥ b e l l a m o n t r e a l ✥✧∘

I'm always sad.why can't I ever be happy? I may look like I am happy but deep down inside I am sad, broken, and lonely.


how so very true.sometimes when im depressed i want to paint my room one of those shades of grey too. way to write a "quote" on a paint sample card from home depot hahaha

When I'm upset

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