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Baby Owl camouflaged by mother feathers - Imgur

Baby Owl camouflaged by mother feathers

It was only when the photographer looked at this picture later that she spotted this great horned owl had a baby, tucked tightly into the feathers on its tummy. It was taken by wildlife photographer Marina Scarr in Fort De Soto Park, Florida.

Hypnotic eyes!

Hypnotic eyes!

Verreaux's Eagle Owl, Uganda.....love the eyes!

Verreaux's Eagle Owl, showing pink eyelids. Uganda - he is kind of fabulous!

Siberian Eagle Owl by Milan Zygmunt - Photo 84536137 - 500px

birds of a feather — (via Siberian Eagle Owl by Milan Zygmunt /

Owl OWLS LIKE TO LIVE NEAR WHERE GINSENG GROWS. Mice, their main food supply are usually nearby. I'll put pots of ginseng in my garden!:-))))

Boreal Owl Raufußkauz- With head turned all the way around.

Jolie chouette

Northern Saw-whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus) is a small owl native to North America.

Alison McBride - Google+

The Spotted Wood Owl (Strix seloputo) is an owl of the earless owl genus, Strix. Its range is strangely disjunct; it occurs in many regions surrounding Borneo, but not on that island itself.