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It's the language of love, not logic.

15 Jokes That Anyone Who's Learning French Will Totally Get

It's the language of love, not logic.

Each character thought us something different

Best Friends:: Funny Friends Tv Show Quotes. My favorite Ross moment EVER! Ah Friends, you will always be my favorite.

David Schwimmer (as Ross Geller) in "Friends" (TV Series)

David Schwimmer as Ross Geller ~ Friends: Season Episode 2 ~ The One With the Breast Milk

Very possibly THE funniest scene in Friends history.

Monica: You were my midnight mystery kisser? Ross: You were my first kiss with Rachel? Monica: You were my first kiss EVER? Chandler: What did I marry into? Friends TV show quotes

That would be me. Eat all the food!!

i Well, the fridge broke. so I had to eat everything. that was his excuse Joey Tribbiani's logic Iain? i Well the fridge broke so I had to eat everything that was his excuse

Character Joey from Friends had a catchphrase. "How you doin'?"

Actually Rachel did she said "how you doin' joey?" When Joey wanted a long lasting girlfriend and monica told him that chandler and Monica were friends first

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Monica's secret closet

When they burned each other with equal severity, displaying the equality in their relationship. Moments When Joey And Chandler Won At Friendship

Friends' Emily Waltham  The gang gathered together in London to see Ross Geller (David Schwimmer) wed Emily Waltham (Helen Baxendale) during Friends' two-part 1998 special. Emily wore a lace bolero over her ivory column gown, but the bride was upstaged by Ross' famous vow, "I, Ross, take thee, Rachel..."

Memorable TV Brides

Friends Ross (David Schwimmer) and Emily (Helen Baxendale) make it through their beautiful British wedding until Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) shows up unexpectedly, and Ross says her name instead of Emily's during his vows.

Love this show

How to not care.

Because of the popularity of Friends show,I have included the best friends TV show quotes in my post. These Friends TV series quotes are funny and amusing.